Dentist chair fetish

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I have. I honestly don't know why I was aroused, but I think it was the helplessness that I felt in the chair. I remember my panties being damp and hoping I didn't leave a spot on the vinyl chair. No mystery.

I have a mouth fetish, odontophilia. Therefore visits to the dentist and to an ENT doctor can turn me on.

Dentist chair fetish

That evening, back home, I became very aroused. Masturbation was the least of it! A few years ago, a new dental practice opened near where I was living. The lady dentist worked from a classy old terrace house on a main street with a plantation of trees running down the middle.

The surgery was upstairs, and as the practice was new there weren't always many people inside the house. The two dentist chair fetish would lead the way upstairs and I would seat myself in the dental chair, under a dentist's lamp, while they went to work on me. Lying back in the chair, my mouth open, I was the susceptible male - with a fetish!

Yes, in situations like that, where I can't really move, and there are two or more people standing around focused on me, I do get aroused. The drape they put on patients at the dentist is usually just covering several inches under the chin, so certainly doesn't do much to conceal anything further down. I have to remember to wear tight fitting underwear which will keep me from looking so obviously aroused. I have a fantasy about such a dental situation, but not sure this is the appropriate place to post that. My dentist uses a disposable drape that goes on like in a barber shop or hair salon drape.

It wraps around your neck and extends down to the knees. They can't see anything under it. If I kept my arms still, I could probably move my fingers enough to masturbate to an orgasm, except I would probably move and injured by their sharp instruments. Interesting, you don't really see a lot of dentists using the smock style ones stateside.

I imagine I'd quite enjoy that, I wouldn't have to work nearly as hard at hiding my excitement whilst in the chair. Tallis is a novelist and non-fiction writer, and a clinical psychologist. Dentist chair fetish review I've read this morning of his new book says this: '[T]he book starts with the story of a middle-aged married British woman, Megan, who oddly and unreasonably falls deeply in love with her dentist, a professional she hardly knows - and, worse, a man who has had his fingers deep in her mouth.

She reciprocates his love and they get married! But back to Megan in Tallis's book. She is suffering from what is called de Cleramboult's syndrome, popularly called 'erotomania'. Google it! She exhibits all the symptoms: she repeatedly telephones the object of her affections; she hangs around outside his home although he's married, with children ; she creates a small shrine to him in her bedroom. And not only does she love him, but she says she knows he loves her back!

The dentist and his family eventually move to India, apparently to get away from her! But Megan's syndrome persists. She has a husband of her own, whom she says she still loves, but she continues to adore the dentist! So far as Tallis knows, she is never cured. The review notes that the famous writer Ian McEwan who contributes a Foreword to Tallis's book once wrote a novel called 'Enduring Love' about such a love as Megan's, but with homoerotic and religious overtones.

The obsessive lover there ends up in an asylum! Dentist chair fetish have become aroused at the dentist before, both in the chair and out of it. Yea definitely one of the places I tend to let my mind wander. The scenery really takes me there and gloves are my favorite sensory item. I finally got the courage to put in an inflatable plug in during a recent visit.

I wasnt sure if I would like it or I'd freak out, it ended up being like paralyzingly hot. Felt like being strapped down and worked on. There is a mild sense of guilt for enjoying that much lol. I like to fantasize about the different ways she could do this I guess I am just orally fixated. A trip to the dentist has always been a bit erotic to me for lack of a better description.

As my dentist has moved, I am forced to seek a new one.

Dentist chair fetish

I never found it erotic or uplifting to visit the dentist, as a general rule. I'm actually queasy in those situations, because I just want to get things over with dentist chair fetish. Recently however, I was treated at a university dental school clinic, and the dentist,was gorgeous. Each time that she would lean over me, I would gaze into those deep blue eyes, and smell her exotic eroticperfume. After the treatment, I have to admit that I took a few seconds to get up from the chair, because I didn't want anyone to see my "obvious" erection.

As I was leaving, she actually hugged me. Completely unexpected. She was one in a million. In that type of clinic, you don't often get to see the same dentist, which is unfortunate. I'm just thankful for having the privilege to be in the care of such a sweet, competent, and attractive woman.

I would love to have her as a playdoc, for sure. Yes and no I suppose for me. It's more a relaxing fun activity I guess. It can be if my partner is down for that. So with that in mind like I have gotten aroused before, but it's not a particularly strong physical arousal. It's kind of like an extreme ASMR thing if that makes sense? I am feeling excited because next week I am going to having another teeth cleaning session with a busty dental hygienist. During the past year, my dentist has scheduled me for teeth cleaning every four months.

My dental hygienist is a very attractive, friendly, and talkative woman in her early 20s who is about 5 foot 2 inches tall with a thin build and large breasts which I estimate to be 36 D. She usually wears a colorful blouse of a thin material which has a tight fit over her big breasts. Dentist chair fetish my two teeth cleaning sessions, she often pushed her large firm breasts against my neck or face when leaning over me to clean my upper teeth while carrying on a friendly conversation regarding the condition of the teeth that she was cleaning and praising me for improving my skills in flossing and brushing.

This would cause me to feel aroused. During the second session, her firm breasts pushing against me, her hands moving my face in different positions for teeth cleaning, and her caring manner was causing me to get a big erection which made a tent in my light grey dress pants.

Dentist chair fetish

I could feel myself blushing and was worried that she would become aware that I was aroused. I forced myself to think of hikes that I had taken in the mountains that were physically exhausting in order to prevent myself from having an orgasm. I am curious as what arousing experiences others have had in a dental office. I guess there is a new lady dentist my wife is seeing I will probably make an appointment wit her.

I absolutely detest going to the dentist. I've had a shit ton of work done to my teeth over the years, some of it quite painful, and I dentist chair fetish every second I've spent in a dentist's chair. Zero medical fetish in it for me. Yes I have a stunning young dentist with her loupes on gloves on and when she did a root can I was so helpless igot aroused.

Generally I despise having to go to the dentist. I love the heavy feel of the nasal hood, the scent of rubber mixing with the smell of the gas, and the relaxed feeling that I fight at first and then just let it take over As I sat down in the chair, the hygienist picked up the patient bib that had been covering the instrument tray and proceeded to clip it around my neck.

This revealed the full array of sharp metal scalers. I did notice, however, that the hygienist had laid out a couple pairs of latex surgical gloves on the tray next to the instruments. I have a huge medical glove fetish, so the thought of the procedure requiring multiple pairs of gloves and glove changes was electrifying. As I sat there pondering the quantity of gloves on the tray, the hygienist donned her full length gown, surgical mask, cap, and face shield. She sat down, positioned just to my right, and reclined the chair. The hygienist then reached over to the tray and picked up the first pair of latex gloves.

As she snapped them on, my heart was racing. What was even dentist chair fetish incredible was that she made sure that each glove was stretched as high as possible over the cuff of the gown. I didn't think the scenario could get any better. The next thing I knew, she was reaching over to the tray, but instead of picking up one of the instruments, she grabbed another pair of gloves. Similar to the first pair, she pulled one each glove and stretched the cuff over the gown. It felt like a fantasy. After probing around my mouth with her fingers for a few minutes, she removed the outer pair of gloves.

At this point, I figured she had only double-gloved for the oral cancer screening so I was a bit disappointed. Suddenly, the hygienist opened the cabinet, and pulled another pair of gloves from the collection of boxes within. This time, she held each glove over my face as she snapped them on, nice and loud. It felt like she was flaunting her power. She spent the rest of the procedure double gloved, but got in at least two more glove changes.

Dentist chair fetish

It was the most arousing dental experience I'e ever had. Cannot wait to go back. Yes all the time. When the hygienist tilts the chair back and adjusts the light over my mouth I do get a little tingly in between my legs. I got my dental cleaning four days ago and thought of those here who would get aroused because of it.

I have to admit that I could not find anything sexually exciting about it. I really don't get any excitement from the dental procedures, however my dental hygienist is a rather well endowed attractive older lady with thick, dark hair. The situation doesn't lead to a full erection, but I have to admit, I do have to divert my attention because it dentist chair fetish be embarrassing to get a hard-on while reclining in the chair….

The dentist I go to has this one dental assistant who does nothing but clean teeth. She is very sexy looking and her breasts are really large. I have never asked her just how large they are. But, I would estimate them to be at least 40DD with very perky nipples that really stand out. When she cleans my teeth, she leans over me in a way that really makes her breasts look larger.

Dentist chair fetish

I do like large breasts on a female. I always request that she cleans my teeth for that reason. It does make me get very aroused and very hard when I see those huge breasts hanging over me. All though she says nothing about it and neither do I say anything dentist chair fetish it, I know by her way of looking at me that she sees that I am nice and hard between my legs and that she is also aroused by seeing it.

I sometimes even will cum while she is doing it. However, it is hard to say anything or even sigh with her putting those instruments in my mouth. It is more of a silent cum. It is not to the point where you can see any wetness on my pants from the cum.

However, I can feel it wetting my underpants when it comes out of me. Absolutely I have a sexy dentist that is fun, flirty it seems and really spends his time looking over my mouth. He always complements my socks and is sexy as heck. Read here more information what is bonus group membership. Various features here might not work at all.

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Dentist chair fetish

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