Foot fetish online

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I bet you never knew that those odd looking extremities at the ends of your legs could make you some truly ridiculous amounts of money, huh? Well, yes, it actually turns out that feet pictures are a HUGE hot commodity on the internet these days, and a lot of attractive people are making a LOT of moolah selling pictures of their foot fetish online online. Tap Here…. But why do some people have this fetish, you might ask? Well, foot fetish is actually one of the most common kinks on the internet.

One theory holds that, at some point in early life, the foot fetishist came to associate feet with sexual arousal in some unintentional way. Maybe a babysitter asked for a foot massage, who knows? One of the things you will need to do before you start selling feet pics online is to get your lovely moneymakers in shape for the camera. If you have any warts on your feet, get yourself some cream for that pronto. Though there actually ARE some foot fetishists who are into feet warts, they are NOT in the majority at this point in time. Many of the foot models currently active are using Twitter to find buying customers for their feet pictures.

The problem is, getting attention on Twitter can be difficult without knowing how to expertly work the platform. Multiple tweets per day, lots of posting of pics and videos, lots of retweeting, etc. It can take a new foot model quite a bit of time before she develops a ificantly sized audience interested in buying pictures of her feet. Wanna Become a Porn Actress?

Top Tips Here…. But, but, Daaadd!! Good luck with that, chicas. Once you do find some buyers ready to purchase feet pics, price will need to be discussed. Now, you have to understand, the reason certain foot fetishists will pay so much for a simple picture is because they often have very specific custom requests for how the feet are presented in the photos. One guy might want you to rub baby oil onto your feet, another guy might want you to use olive oil, and a third dude might want you to use Nutella.

But even the vanilla feet pics can sell for quite a few smackers. The feet pictures are then produced and ed to the customer by the model once completed. You should always take payment first, as there are more than a few unscrupulous foot fiends out there looking for free goodies. Payments are usually done through one of several online e-wallet services like Paypal, Venmo, CashApp, Google Wallet, and so on.

Keep in mind that these services usually disallow the use of their platforms to process payments for anything adult related basically anything intended to give someone an orgasm. So if you foot fetish online them, be cautious not to mention the nature of the goods being purchased in any note section or payment request. Selling any kind of adult oriented pictures or video content is done best by the professional adult models, which are typically experienced webcam models or pornstars. These are the girls who know best how to find the right buyers for content, how to establish and maintain relationships with these buyers, and how to engineer repeat business from them that makes outrageous monthly incomes from content sales possible.

It involves two major platforms: Chaturbate and Snapchat found in your app store. First thing to do is register for a model at Chaturbate right away, because it can take a couple days sometimes to get approved.

Foot fetish online

Chaturbate is now the largest cam site on the internet, in terms of traffic, and it regularly ranks near the top as one of the most heavily visited websites adult or not in the world. up With Chaturbate Here. The main reason Chaturbate is so invaluable for this strategy is simply this; exposure. The massive traffic on Chaturbate will get you in front of a HUGE of eyeballs, and many of these people are going to be interested in your feet.

Cam sites are literally swimming with foot fetishists, and it makes perfect sense. To make sure you attract the foot people, use hashtags in your chat room like feet footfetish feetpics and so on. New girls may have to go on cam for several sessions before they start getting serious attention, so keep that in mind.

Foot fetish online

You need to stick with it and keep going on cam at the same time of day, every day for at least a week. Many models fail with this method because they get impatient and quit too quickly. If you keep going on cam consistently for a week or two, you will generally get plenty of those feet-lusting eyeballs on you.

If you need help starting out, you should up for my Free Camming Crash Coursewhich foot fetish online everything new webcam models need to do to get noticed on Chaturbate. Once you have your Chaturbate setup, you need to create a Snapchat for your feet pics business. This is absolutely golden from a marketing perspective.

The good news is that using Snapchat is fun and easy, and ohhh so effective! Use your Snapchat to post funny pics, jokes, tease shots, and anything else that allows fans to bond with you as a person. Now tease shots, on the other hand, are a great idea. Snap some pics and video of your feet in socks, in sandals, in slippers, etc. This will drive your foot fetish fanatics crazy. Advertise your offers regularly, and watch the sales pour in. Frequent snapping is the key to this method.

Foot fetish online

The more you cam at Chaturbate, the more fans will follow your Snapchat, so be sure to put in the hours there, it will be more than worth it. It can get quite exciting, and the potential is huge. So, there you have it. Selling pictures of your feet is actually one of the best ways for a hot girl guys can do this too, by the way to make mega bank online while keeping her clothes on. How Selling Feet Pics Works Many of the foot models currently active are using Twitter to find buying customers for their feet pictures.

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Foot fetish online

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How To Sell Feet Pictures And Earn Instant Money Online!