How to get a girl freaky

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To be in love is beautiful and to have sex with the person you love is even more beautiful. For men often, sex is merely a physical pleasure. It is a medium to relieve themselves of their sexual urges. The female partner knows when her man comes due to the process of ejaculation. But it is often difficult for men to know whether their female partner has reached her climax or not.

Women at times fake orgasm just to please their men. If you want to make sure that your woman has freaking good sex, then you got to learn some freaky antics in the bedroom to please her. This is sure a lesson for life! Here is a list of some 20 sexy things to do to her and say to her during sex that will have her panting and begging you for more:. If you want your woman to get really high and horny then you could do a little striptease for her at home. Make sure the ambiance is perfect with light music and dim lights.

A cocktail or two before your session would only tantalize her senses and enhance the fun. Begin with dancing to her favorite. Slowly, bit by bit remove little pieces of your clothes one by one till you stand wearing only your underwear. Give her a glimpse of your rock hard manhood and keep dancing.

How to get a girl freaky

She will go totally berserk with passion and lust and you will have a steamy encounter thereafter! Always constant fun with the Forbidden Squad!

How to get a girl freaky

Have you ever seen men using washing machines? Well now you have!

How to get a girl freaky

It is never too late to spice up your sex life. If you have only heard about dildos, vibrators, and hunters, then now is the time to try all of these. Give your girlfriend the freakiest sex of her lifetime by introducing her to all these wonderful man-made creations. Tease her by penetrating the vibrator inside her and pulling it out the moment she is about to come. This will make her crazy with lust and desire. She will hate you for being so mean to her!

But it will be the freakiest experience of her life. A role-play while making out with your partner adds some spice to your sex life and makes sure that both the partners have a lot of fun. You could enact The 50 Shades of Grey but that would be too extreme. If you want it a little subtle role-play, then imagine a master-slave or a doctor-patient check-up role-play. These role-plays make your imagination run wild, tease your sexual urges and make you horny.

Sexual stimulation is all in the mind after all! Get adventurous in sex to experience some really freaky moments with your love. Take her out in the woods or in a secluded place. Sex in an outdoor camping site will be thrilling and beautiful.

The mere thought of having sex out in the open with a million stars gazing at you will how to get a girl freaky turn on your female partner. Females have their sexual urges connected to emotions. Plan a thrilling weekend with her to somewhere outside and this itself will freak her out. Soon it will be camping season again. If you get bossy and aggressive in sex then it really freaks her out. Become her master and let her be your slave.

Use aggressive words and be a little rough with her. She will get excited about your new role and quietly submit. Enjoy it and let her freak her out.

How to get a girl freaky

Once in a while, such a kind of sex with turn her really horny and you will really enjoy yourselves. Do it the way you want and in whichever position you want. Why does sex always have to be with lights on? Keep it on and stare at her beautiful body.

Grope her wherever you want and compliment her. She might feel shy and freak out with your bold nature. This will turn her on and even excite her. Such gestures add spark to your sex life and remove the monotony from routine sex. Sex underneath the sheets is beautiful but it mostly connects both of you emotionally. If you keep the lights on, you can satisfy your lust too. Watching porn movies arouses both the partners. Show your woman some really bold porn scenes and let her know what people do in sex. It might freak her out particularly if she is a little shy.

Show her porn movies of anal sex and even couples enjoying threesome or group sex. Again, reading an erotic story together is very arousing. When you read something erotic, you imagine it. You play the characters in your mind and imagine their sex scenes. Sex is also all in the mind. You get mentally stimulated when you read an erotic story and if you read it with your partner, the voice becomes husky automatically how to get a girl freaky you imagine yourself in the same story. Sex need not be always on the bed and in the bedroom.

Experience sexual encounters with your woman everywhere in your house. Do it on the kitchen table, do it on the sofa and do it in the balcony where anyone can watch you. There is nothing more freaky than someone eyeing you while you have sex with your woman. Say some sexy things to your girlfriend while in bed with her. Tell her how good her body is. Whisper sweet nothings in her ear and also tell her how aroused you get with her deep throated moans. Tell her how nice you feel when she gives you a blowjob.

Sometimes, just talking about the sexy things you do turns your partner on. Share your wildest fantasies with your girlfriend and ask her about hers. This could be really stimulating and will make her horny for sure. When you share your fantasies with your partner, you mentally stimulate her mind and yours too and together you too could have a wonderful sexual experience. Freak your girlfriend out by touching yourself in front of her. She must have never seen you do it in front of her and this will definitely turn her on.

Similarly, tell her to do the same to herself. This is all about self-love and there is not harm in it! You can even make your girlfriend reach her orgasm by your fingers. You can feel her reach her climax while you just watch her expressions. These moves in the bedroom are quite bold and thrilling. Your girlfriend must have gone down on you a of times, but how many times have you gone down on her? Go down on her and do it with your tongue.

It is how to get a girl freaky sweetest sensation and it is very ticklish. She will enjoy herself thoroughly and will have the freakiest experience of her life. A post shared by davidmichael davidguillen on Aug 17, at am PDT. Do not shy away from screaming while having sex. Sometimes being loud in bed is very arousing and stimulating.

Shout abuses or shout obscenities or shout anything you like just to spice up the sex. She won't mind you swearing as she herself will get very horny! Generally couples are non-verbal about their sexual desires. They just initiate sex by a look or touch.

Make it different this time by being very verbal about it. Have you ever done a little dress-up fun just for sex? Wear a sexy lingerie and gift your girlfriend a sexy pair of silk thongs. Celebrate sex and not just do it to relieve yourselves. Perhaps, she can dress up as a hunter woman or a cat-woman on the lose looking for her prey. These will mentally stimulate both of you and end up in a steamy sex. Ever tried pouring some vanilla ice cream on your girlfriend's body and eating off right from there?

It feels very arousing, ticklish and yummy of course! This is another freaky sex thing to do to your girlfriend while having sex. We all know the effect a sensuous massage has. Surprise your girlfriend by giving her a sensuous and relaxing massage with some great aromatic oil. You could even try some edible oils or even a chocolate massage. Make sure you relax her well and end up with a great and happy climax. This is a really great way to tease your partner.

How to get a girl freaky

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Go Freaky: 20 Sexy Things To Say And Do To Her During Sex