Join a group on kik

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Kik Messenger is a fantastic way of chatting with different people. With millions of users around the world, you will always find someone to chat with, at any time of day and night. There are really not excuses when it comes to messaging people on Kik.

Not only can Kik Messenger allow you to chat to other users individually, but also if you have Kik Messenger you will be able to group chats so that you can chat to many different users at the same time. It is true that there are both pros and cons to using group chats on Kik Messenger.

Among the pros, the obvious one is that group chats allow Kik Messenger to engage in messaging with more that one other user at the same time. How is that an advantage? You may ask. Well, in itself, this may not seem like an advantage per se but consider the following. If you have a bouch of friends on Kik Messenger that you constantly talk to about the same things, why not have them all in the same group? If anything, this could save you join a group on kik lot of time when it comes to sharing news with your Kik Messenger friends or you want to share a photo or a picture file with more than one of your Kik Messenger friends.

With group chat you can ensure that everyone you want to would get your messages at the same time. So, you will be saving the time it takes to type the same message as many times as Kik Messenger contacts you have but, also, you will be ensuring that you are not missing anyone out by having ly created a group chat including exactly whomever you choose.

Of course not everything about Kik Messenger group chat is positive. But there is not anything to be afraid of, just being aware of the possible cons often suffices. In fact, there is just one possible con when it comes to using Kik Messenger group chat. How big this could be as a potential problem really depends on you. All we can do about it so just give you some advice to prevent you from getting into tricky situations. This should apply to both individual chats or group chats.

But, if you are thinking of sharing something like that on a group chat it is worth thinking about it a bit more as your message could potentially be seen by more people, thus magnifying any effect your words could have.

Join a group on kik

So, one piece of advice would be to check who is actually a member of your group chats before using them. Remember that any member of the group chat can add other Kik Messenger users at any given time.

Join a group on kik

This means that you will not necessarily know if someone new has been added to the group chat. So, it is always worth checking who is currently in a group chat before you go ahead and decide to share something, which they may find controversial, offensive or which may put you into trouble. If you decide that group chat is for you and you are interested in ing a group chat, the good news is that ing group chats is really easy.

If you follow our advice you will be on more group chats than you can shake a stick at! Before you go ahead and try to any group chats you will need to make sure that you have the latest version of Kik Messenger on your AndroidiPhoneor iPod. Once you have checked that you have the latest version of Kik Messenger or downloaded on your smart phone or mobile device in case you did not have it, you can proceed with the following steps.

Once you have created the group, you can invite any of your Kik friends using their usernames.

Join a group on kik

All you need to do in order to do so is to follow these steps:. Once you have followed all those steps, you can ask the friends you would like to your group to scan the Kik code. This is, by far, the quickest way for Kik users to group chats. If you still have an older version of Kik Messenger, you can still start a group chat although the steps you need to follow in order to do so will be slightly different, and you will not be able to use Kik code. Once you have created the groupif you wish to make it public you will not be able to share a Kik code but your could use a hashtag, instead.

To do so, follow these steps:. If you have the latest version of Kik Messenger, all you need to do is follow these steps:. If you have an older version of Kik Messenger, all you need to do is follow these steps:. Using Kik group chats can be a lot of fun, whether you create the groups yourself or just existing ones. By using group chat, you will be increasing your chances of finding someone to chat with on Kik Messenger whenever you are ready for messaging.

Join a group on kik

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