Large labis

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Maggie Kirkman is a member of the Australian Psychological Society. We may be less familiar with the idea that similar judgements are made about the vulva. The vulva includes the inner lips labia minora and outer lips labia majorathe clitoris, and the vaginal opening.

Labia can be long or short, wrinkled or smooth, dark or light. One side is often longer than the other, consistent with the asymmetry of most body parts.

Large labis

The exterior of the clitoris can be pea-sized or as big as a thumb. Just as some people seek cosmetic surgery on visible parts of their bodies, women have resorted to cosmetic surgery on their genitals to make them resemble an ideal.

More than half of GPs surveyed in reported being consulted by women and girls wanting genital large labis surgery. : What's normal, anyway? GPs should discourage women from unnecessary genital surgery. Doctors advertise onlineoffering procedures including labiaplasty to reduce the labia minora, reduction of the clitoral hood, and plumping up of the labia majora.

Our research team wanted to learn what was in popular websites advertising Australian clinics, and analysed 31 websites in The same or similar websites came up in our search this week. Although most websites acknowledged that vulvas were naturally diverse, they used language that pathologised any appearance other than a Barbie doll. According to one doctor:. The primary goal of labiaplasty is to reduce the size of the labia by surgically removing excess skin and shaping it into a more youthful and attractive form. These doctors reinforced the idea of binary sex, in which women must look undeniably female, with no visible clitoris.

According to one website:. The truth is that relationships, exercise, even dressing can be negatively impacted by a large large labis or outer labia. There is no evidence to suggest that labiaplasty surgery can reduce problems with recurrent thrush or address hygiene concerns or problems. Your sexual partner will clearly notice this change for the better.

Some websites claimed cosmetic surgery had nothing to do with fashion or social pressure and everything to do with individual choice:. Labiaplasty is an individual consideration. It is not merely the domain of strippers or porn stars. It can improve the physical and psychological quality of life for women who [are] affected by genital irregularities.

Three websites did recommend that women seek a second opinion and another required a recommendation from an independent doctor.

Large labis

Of course, doctors may practise ethically without giving details on their websites. However, it could be considered poor ethical practice to persuade women they need surgery on genitals showing no evidence of abnormality. The college has also raised concern that such surgery may exploit vulnerable women.

While supporting genital surgery for female anatomy following trauma, mutilation or congenital anomalies, the Australian Federation of Medical Women opposes the promotion of surgical techniques that make unproven claims about sexual satisfaction or attractiveness:. The first principle of medicine is to do no harm. Encouraging women to cut large labis bits of their genitals to suit a fashion trend or social constructions of womanhood has at least the potential for harm.

: Vulvas, periods and leaks: women need the right words to seek help for conditions 'down there'. This research was conducted by Kimberley Chibnall during her honours year towards the degree of Bachelor of Health Science, under the supervision of Maggie Kirkman and Karalyn McDonald. Be Curious — Leeds, Leeds. Edition: Available editions United Kingdom.

Large labis

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Large labis

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