Teen masturbation forums

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Create. Please Wait Forgot your password? As a Member You Can:. clubs to discuss your interests Connect with people like you Share information, seek advice, get support. Parents of Teens Discussion Forum. Drugs, Alcohol and Smoking. Parenting Teens. Career Options. Name: sudipa. Subscribe to this conversation Reply Anonymously. I just discovered that my 15 year old son has started masturbating.

I don' t know for how long.

Teen masturbation forums

ButI am worried whether this is normal at this age and whether it will affect his physical and mental health. I am also worried about his potency when he grows up. If any of you had come across such experience shall be happy if you share your thoughts. I also manstrubate from 13 yrs of age Guns replied. Its not harmful and offencive. After a age they should be left so. But make sure most of the time he uis in and around. Make him move with in the crowd.

Teen masturbation forums

But once again. Rita replied. So, stop worrying. In this world, there are several women complaining about being married to under-sexed husbands, those being failures in bed. So, how happy would your son be if he were married to any over-sexed woman and that he' s so under-sexed.

Just let teen masturbation forums son be a MAN - not. My problem is like sudpas problm. I help my 15 year old son- partially mentally retard to bath every day. I use to ignore his erections often. To my shock from last week he lowers his underwear and masturbates. Initially it was just masturbaton for a few seconds. I tried to stop. Now he masturbates till he gets the thing I cannot leave him in bath al0ne since he is retarded. Also he does it on sofa ec staining It is disgusting. What shall I do Devesh replied. I myself started mastrubation at the age o 15 and dont have much trouble even after marriage.

Just make sure that he does concentrate on studies and has good friends. I understood your problem. After certain age you cannot control what they are doing privately. Infact its not harm to health. As a parent you cannot interrupt this all things. Your responsibility to make him more concentrate on his studies, keep him as good, motivate positively, praise him as good boy always, go routinely to temples with him, so his mind will go in good direction. Also force him i want you become like engineer, doctor like this. Noting wrong doing masturbation. All the best for your son good life.

Name: kanishk Subject: reply for masturbation. Name: Aks Subject: Sex. Name: UNknown Subject: Girl or boy. Name: Guns Subject: Not an issue Name: Rita Subject: Stop worrying. Name: mini mol Subject: to Rita.

Teen masturbation forums

Hi Rita, Thanks for your reply. I wonder if u have teen sons retarded or else who needs attention on isssues like what i said. I say this bcos u will understand the problem only if u r in similar situation. Yes he is partially retarded.

He understands only half of my instructions. His emotional part is also vague. He does not have the inner frame even to understand the need to bath, brush teeth etc. Sexual feelings seem to torture him in some way Of coures some how to my surprise now a days he has teen masturbation forums to masturbate.

A few months before on seeing his struggle at that time he did not know to masturbate one of my friends suggested me to masturbate him and get him released sine he was retarded and the sounds and noises he made at times of erections werer pitiable. It was a shock to me when my friend suggested that Any way i never did her suggestion. I am desperate not knowing what to do on this issue. This cannot be shared even with friends. Name: mini mol Subject: wha to do. What shall I do.

Teen masturbation forums

Name: tanishk Subject: to mini mol. Name: Dilip M Subject: Ur problem. Name: tanu Subject: your son masturbation You need to help him relese his sexual tenson. Name: Rita Subject: Why are you bathing your son? At his age teen masturbation forums, he shoud be able to bathe or shower all by himself. Does he get sexually aroused when you bathe him? I think you should STOP bathing him. Persist with bathing him and some day, he could turn incestuous toward you.

If he is so physically able, encourage him to bathe by all himself. He is not a baby. Name: Devesh Subject: my opinion. Name: rajesh Subject: No need to worry. All tips on Parents of Teens You ever wanted in one place. No need to go anywhere else. Enter ID:. Subscribe to this conversation! Thanks for subscribing.

You are already a member, please to subscribe. Enter Password:. Forgot Password. Expecting Parents. Routine Tests. Health Concerns. Diet and Exercise. Miscarriage and Child Loss. Last 7 Posts of this Board. RE:Feeling guilty. Hello mrs.

Teen masturbation forums

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Teen masturbation forums Teen masturbation forums

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