Wet and messy fetish

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Firstly, wet and messy WAM and sploshing are all terms for the same fetish. It's where a person or several get covered in something that will make lots of mess. Quite often this is done over clothes, but it can be done in the nude too. Sploshing involves food items such as baked beans, custard and whipped cream and non-edibles such as gunge, shaving foam and mud. There's no one way to do wet and messy play. You can sit on something to make a mess, for example, a cake and wiggle about to make it squishy.

Wet and messy fetish

You can also have something poured all over you like treacle or slime. Some sploshing fans enjoy a food fight, throwing items of food at each other that'll make lots of mess. Sploshing around! Sploshing can partner with other fetishes too.

Wet and messy fetish

Having the sploshee tied up adds an element of bondage to the scene. You can include submission by way of feeding during the fun or humiliation can be used once the person is all wet and messy. BDSM matches with sploshing well. Clothes destruction fetish can be matched up with wet and messy play too. Once the clothing is thoroughly covered in mess, then they could be cut or ripped off.

Although cake sitting is part of sploshing, it can be a particular fetish on its own too and can come in as part of a crush fetish. Compared to many fetishes, the risks in wet and messy play are pretty low, but there are a few things to be mindful of. Also be careful about using nuts or strawberries or anything with a gritty consistency. This also goes for cream - wet and messy fetish milk is not pleasant! Image courtesy of Sportsbolt Club London.

Not much in the way of specialist gear is needed for spolshing. You just need somewhere you can get messy, which could be a bath or shower. There are specialist fluid proof sheets available too, which will be worth the investment if you indulge in wet and messy play on a regular basis.

Or, if you prefer, opt for something waterproof like latex or rubber or go completely naked! After enjoying wet and messy play, have a thorough wash. Wet and messy play is lots of rule-breaking fun. Be a rebel and enjoy some sensation play that could get you laughing as well as writhing in pleasure! Victoria Blisse is an erotic author, a sex-positive Reverend and part of Smut.

UK who arranges events for curious and kinky people with a literary bent. Looking to get wet and messy with a partner in crime? Head over to the sploshing forum! Do you like the idea of being kidnapped and used by your. It's PrideMonth and we're celebrating anal play and prostate orgasms in all their glory.

But what's sexuality got to do with finding your P Spot? Orgasms, who doesn't want more of them?

Wet and messy fetish

Some people with vulvas have no problem coming, but others find it a real uphill struggle. Want to discover. You can post now and register later. If you have anplease to post with your. Restore formatting. Only 75 emoji are allowed. Display as a link instead. Clear editor. or insert images from URL. Posted January When does 'regular' sex or sexual desire become a fetish? One Fetish. Fetish is timeless. Every decade has its own fetish icon and periods which have their individual elements of kink.

To celebrate fetish through the. When Fetish. Dating online can be a minefield, but follow our top tips on what — and what not — to do and get ahead of the game in Fetish wet and messy fetish. Honesty, humour. English English Deutsch. For some people, getting covered in mud while playing sport is annoying. But, some kinksters take this to a whole new level and love to get wet and messy all on purpose! Sounds like fun?

Maybe wet and messy play is for you. We asked Victoria Blisse to bring this guide to get you started in sploshing. What is wet and messy play? Sploshing safety Compared to many fetishes, the risks in wet and messy play are pretty low, but there are a few things to be mindful of. Tuesday at PM. June June 1. May the conversation You can post now and register later. Add a comment XxlushxX Posted January Looking for an open minded individual to worship my feet.

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Wet and messy fetish

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